Fuddles North West Book Tour!

frans is off on a north/west book-tour! he’ll be in Portland today


saturday, 10/29


2 pm, Salem THE BOOK BIN (450 Court St. NE)

5 pm, Eugene, BARNES & NOBLE (1163 Valley River Center)

sunday, 10/30

11 am, Medford, BARNES & NOBLE (1400 Biddle Road)

2 pm, Ashland, TREEHOUSE BOOKS (15 N Main St.)

3 pm, Ashland, BLOOMSBURY BOOKS, (290 E. Main St.)

monday, 10/31

noon, animation/illustration talk at ROGUE COMMUNITY COLLEGE (3345 Redwood Hwy, Grants Pass)

tuesday, 11/1, Seattle

11 am, UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE, (4326 University Way NE)

2 pm, PHINNEY BOOKS, (7405 Greenwood Ave N)

3 pm, QUEEN ANN BOOK COMPANY, (1811 Queen Anne Ave N)

4 pm, ELLIOT BAY BOOK CO, (1521 Tenth Avenue)

wednesday, 11/2

10:30 am, St. Alphonsus Parish School, (5816 15th Ave. NW  Seattle)

3 pm, ISLANDS BOOKS, 3014 78th Ave. SE Mercer Island

thursday, 11/3

9:00 am, Christ the King School, (415 North 117th St.  Seattle)

friday, 11/4, San Jose

8:30 am, Stratford School, (220 Kensington Way, Los Gatos)

10:15 am, Los Alamitos Elementary School, (6130 Silberman Dr, San Jose)

1:00 pm, Bowers Elementary, (2755 Barkley Ave, Santa Clara)

4:30 pm, LINDEN TREE BOOKSTORE, (265 State St. Los Altos)

saturday, 11/5

11 am, HICKLEBEE’S BOOKSTORE, (1378 Lincoln Ave, San Jose)

sunday, 11/6

noon, BOOKASAURUS BOOKSTORE, (125 S Murphy Ave, Sunnyvale)

3 pm, SANTA CLARA LIBRARY, (2635 East Homestead Rd.)

6 pm, flying home!


Modern Dog loves Fuddles!


Fuddles and Puddles

By Frans Vischer | Photographs by Illustrated by Frans Vischer
Fuddles and Puddles

{Best Book for Kids} Cats are generally the unquestioned rulers of their domain—that is, until a pesky dog happens to intrude on their blissful reign and upsets the balance! That’s precisely what happens to top cat Fuddles when her owners bring home a slobbering, howling, floor wetting dog suitably named Puddles. But can “frenemies” become best fur-friends? This lovingly illustrated book hilariously renders the age-old cats and dogs dynamic with an adorable ending kids will love!


actually, i’m a he, but as long as my name is spelled right…


Once Upon A Time…

here is frans with his favorite bookstore-owner, maureen from Once Upon A Time in montrose, california, the oldest children’s bookstore in the country!

frans told stories and read and drew, but he did not make the sign in the background.