Adventures at an independent bookstore!

frans found a nice article by kathy ellen davis about a talk he gave at a bookstore a while ago.



Writing, reading, and living a creative, awesome life.



Hey everyone,
I work at a fun indie bookstore in California.
I’ll be sharing some fun stuff that happens when I work,
just in case you’re curious
as to what life is like
on the side that sells books
Date worked: November 5, 2016
Hours: from 10-2
Note: Frans Vischer author/illustrator event

Frans Vischer was a delight.
I mean, a TRUE delight.

His presentation was so fun!

He showed pictures and videos of his real life cat who inspired the cat in his books, Fuddles, and then pictures of his real life dog that inspired the dog in the newer books, Puddles.

He showed some animation he worked on with Disney,
including some stuff he did for Frozen!

He also brought along some old school animation he did for Disney; drawings stapled together at the top to make a full page sized flip book! It was awesome!

He did a great job reading his books to the kids, complete with sound effects and awesome energy, then did some great drawings. He asked the kids in the audience what they wanted Fuddles or Puddles to be doing, and ended up drawing them together, one where Fuddles ate lots of spaghetti, and another where he was eating French fries.

A man and his daughter came up to buy one of his books after listening to the entire presentation. The man put the book down and had a drawing tucked under his shoulder.

“We didn’t even know he was going to be here today!” he said, “and my daughter got a drawing and she’s going to get her book signed.”

“I’m sure he’ll draw in the book too,” I said, since I saw him doing that with pre-signs earlier.

“How do I make sure I never miss an event like this again?” asked the man. “This just made our Saturday!”

I directed him to the sign up for our email newsletter, and he happily did.
He and his daughter walked out with the biggest smiles on their faces.


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