Sam outsmarts the guards

A silly bit- Sam is desguised by a donkey head as he searches for the Moolakamoo. The keen-eyed guards investigate him and, convinced he’s safe, let him go.

This is a call back to a previous episode where Sam, in partnership with his mom and wearing a full donkey outfit, breaks into the same building and encounters the same guards. So here, instead of high-fiving his mom after fooling the guards, he claps his hands through the donkey mouth.

Lots of silliness!

I worked over the original animator’s drawings, retiming and finessing the animation. Since the guards look and act identically, I animated only the screen-right guard walking off, with instructions to the people following up to use the same animation for the screen-left guard walking off.

It was fun playing the guards’ stupidity straight, nodding matter-of factly to each other.

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