Dr. Seuss gallery!

I visited this wonderful gallery over the weekend and met with the owner, Rory, to discuss possibly

giving a talk at the gallery. Talking with Rory about having worked on Green Eggs And Ham, and The

Grinch Who Stole Christmas, I realized I have numerous Dr. Seuss influences, including meeting and

corresponding with Chuck Jones when I was in high school.

Exciting stuff!

EB and Looka make a daring escape.

I worked over the original animator’s drawings, (in blue and red,) pushing the drama and action to contrast Looka’s action from EB’s, and simplifying the action.

The focus is on Looka, so when he looks around, deciding what to do, I kept EB still so she didn’t compete or distract from Looka. I used Looka’s hair overlap to punctuate his movements, following through and flipping up during his brief pauses.