An surprise visitor

A few nights ago, arriving home from dinner my wife and I discovered a tarantula had taken our welcome mat for an invitation. We placed the Purell bottle beside him for scope- this guy was nearly 2 inches across!

Not exactly a comforting sight. I shooed him away with a broom, and he got the unwelcome point.

Ray Gunn!

Seeing as Brad Bird is reviving his animated feature project, “Ray Gunn,” I dusted off this T-shirt I bought long ago to support him.

While I was supervising animation of Darla Dimple and Max on “Cats Don’t Dance” at Turner Feature Animation, Brad was developing “Ray Gunn,” a noir scifi detective film. I got to read the wonderful script. After discussing it with Brad, I was very excited to work on the film. But alas, Warner Bros., who bought Turner Animation, (along with Hanna-Barbera, MGM, Castle Rock Entertainment, New Line Cinema and CNN,) were scared of the ambitious project and wouldn’t let Brad make the film. Instead they gave him the “Iron Giant,” which Brad rewrote and turned into a masterpiece film, which WB then proceeded to miserably mis-manage in its distribution, (as they did with “Cats Don’t Dance.”)

By then I had moved on to DreamWorks to do storywork and supervise the animation of the chief in “The Road To El Dorado.”

Brad is now doing “Ray Gunn” at Skydance Animation.

Best of luck, Brad!