hi, i’m fuddles!

my favorite things to do are eating all sorts of yummy things like pork chops and tuna casserole, and taking long catnaps so i can dream about going on big adventures. i like to explore my neighborhood and find new places i haven’t seen before. but best of all i like to eat!

my family kind of spoils me so i get to eat lots of yummy stuff. do you give your kitty special stuff? do you do fun things with him?

the guy who draws me, his name is frans. he is an animator at the Disney studio, and he comes up with all sorts of goofy ideas. maybe you can tell him some of the things you see your cat doing.

my favorite movies are “that darn cat,” “born free,” “cats don’t dance,” and “the arisocats.”

my favorite tv shows are josie and the pussycats, tom & jerry, and sylvester & tweety.

my favorite books are cat in the hat and puss in boots.

my favorite songs are what’s up pussycat? cat’s in the cradle, stray cat strut, and year off the cat.

my favorite plays are “cat on a hot tin roof,” and “cats.”




2 thoughts on “About

  1. This book is so absolutely adorable! I love my cats Jack and Abby more than life itself. Everything I do in life is all about them. In fact, people always tell me that I should write books about my stories about them. I buy them tons of children’s books ( but I am extremely particular about the books I buy them – they must be very cute and must have beautiful illustrations). They have books for every holiday and they love story time and love looking at the pictures while I read. Story time does tend to make them sleepy so we definitely look for stories that will hold their attention. They have had the first Fuddles book for quite some time now. I was all settled in and ready to stay put in my house until after the holidays as I work a very stressful job and drive the hectic trip back and forth to work each day and having taken off for the week I was looking so forward to staying in when I happened upon the new Fuddles Christmas book online. So I immediately called the book store an hour away, by my work to be sure they had it, which they did. I went and got it, brought it home and just read it to the kids ( Jack and Abby) , and….needless to say -they Loved it! And now…..they are all curled up in their little beds, content as could be and taking a catnap, dreaming of Fuddles! thank you ever so much for this wonderful book and Jack, Abby and I wish you and Fuddles and your entire Family a wonderful holiday season. And we just can’t wait for Fuddles next adventure!

    • Wow! Thank you for your nice comments, Michele! I’m so glad you like the Fuddles books! I’ve been getting lots of great feedback, and ideas for more Fuddles books. Hopefully I can get another book out within a year or so…
      Have a merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!

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