27 Feb

WonderCon Anaheim!

15 Apr

Frans & characters poster


frans will be at wondercon in anaheim all day friday and saturday to draw and sign and chat with people.

he’ll be really busy there because it’s supposed to be really crowded. i’m sure there will be a lot of things

to see and do, but i just want to know what kind of food they’ll have there. i can imagine a big fat roasted

chicken slowly rotating over a fire. or a juicy hot dog on a stick with lots of mustard. or a beef kabob with

bell peppers and red onions.

it’s almost enough to make me want to go. but i’ll stay home and be pampered instead.



Acrobat Fuddles

11 Apr


Acrobat Fuddles

I saw a bunch of people on tv piled on top of each other. I wonder why- it looked really uncomfortable.  I don’t understand the things people do- they’re always running around doing stuff. I get tired just watching them.

people can learn a lot from a cat. it’s so much more relaxing to take a long nap, and then have something to eat, and then maybe wander around the house a bit before taking another nap.

the only things I like to see piled up are pancakes. a nice big stack of chocolate chip hot cakes smothered with maple syrup topped with a big glop of whipped cream and maybe some strawberries on the side.


Home on the stove range

8 Apr

On the rangei wish i could be a rancher on a big ranch with miles of grazing land for my cattle. all that yummy beef walking around! i would eat hamburgers every day, and steak and beef burritos and sloppy joes and meatloaf and beef stew and beef jerky and barbequed short ribs.

except for some catnaps here and there, i’d never stop eating! …hey, that’s what i do now…



4 Apr

Felix & Jessie-5Felix & Jessie-4i really dislike dogs, and i resent having to share my house with one. everywhere i want to go, he goes too! i just want some peace and quiet, catnapping on the couch. but he goes berserk every time someone comes to the door, barking like it’s the end of the world, giving me a heart attack!

i used to have this place all to myself. life was sweet- the days were long and relaxing. but for some stupid reason, my family decided that wasn’t good enough, so now we have mr. loudmouth. and he’s such a slob! you should see him drinking from his water bowl. just hearing him drink is enough to make me gag! i try to get away from him, but no matter how fast i run, he stays right behind! he thinks i’m playing games- he has no idea how i despise him! and worst of all, he never gets tired- he’s got limitless energy- i can’t possibly keep up with him.

i need to plot how to get rid of him, but for that i need a quiet place to think!! oh, it feels so hopeless..!

maybe some pizza will ease my mind. hmmm, four-cheese with mushrooms and peppers. i’m feeling more relaxed already…



Michelle Obama reads Fuddles!

1 Apr

Michelle Obama reads Fuddlesmichelle obama today read fuddles to a group of school kids! they all laughed at my adventures with the squirrels and the neighbor dog, and how i got lost in the dark, and how i found my family at the end. mrs. obama had a few words to say about my diet, but i’m not on a diet at all!

speaking of food, i’m twitching my tail just thinking about tonight’s dinner- swedish meatballs with thick creamy gravy sauce and sour cream and lots of butter! and i’ll probably have some butterscotch ice cream with almonds and chocolate chips for dessert.

happy april fools day!


Fuddles of Arabia

28 Mar

Fuddles of ArabiaFuddles of Arabia_CU fuddles of arabia surveyed the vast sahara that lay before him. hundreds and hundreds of miles of nothing but sand, the hot sun baring down, beating the life out every living thing. death was imminent, every breath potentially his last. his soul slowly fading away.

one recurring thought was prominent in his mind-  a shrimp salad would be lovely right now. fresh, tart, tangy shrimp, lightly sauteed over a bed of crisp lettuce, with perhaps some sun-dried tomatoes, (would there be any other kind out here..?) with chopped walnuts, onions, hard boiled eggs, and light, italian dressing. some chocolate truffle to top it off…


On the prowl

25 Mar

Felix stalking-1Felix stalking-2like a tiger searching the vast grasslands for prey, i’m always on the lookout for pesky squirrels that invade my territory and eat avocados and taunt me from high in the trees.  i’m always on my guard, my primal instincts attuned to my surroundings. i have such a sharp sense of smell that i can spot intruders in a flash, their scent alerting my highly tuned nostrils so i can strike in an instant.

for instance, i’m smelling something right now. i sniff, sniff some more, all the while analyzing the smell and where it’s coming from. i’m on high alert, ready to face the imposter and defend my homeland. the scent becomes stronger. my muscles tense up, i’m ready to pounce. ooh! the smell is tangy, spicy, kind of yummy. wait a minute, it’s spaghetti and meatballs! it’s dinner time! yay, here i come!



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