Napping together

Felix on sleeping Frans-4

Felix on sleeping Frans-3


sometimes when frans needs an idea he takes a nap on my couch. i think naps are always good ideas.

and i’m full of good ideas. lounging around fills my head with great thoughts- lamb shanks with chili

glaze, saffron shrimp with caramelized onion and gnocchi, french onion soup with onions and extra


now I need a nap to ponder all that!


Reading the sports page

Reading the sports page


i like keeping up with sports. who scored the goals, and how many points does my soccer team have. good tidbits

for party conversation. when i’m munching on a carrot stick or a meatball, i like to have something besides food to

talk about. of course i’d much rather talk about food. what’s more interesting than that? but i consider myself a

well-rounded cat, (in more ways than one!) and i like to discuss world affairs when we have company over.

for example, what’s the current craze in the world of french cuisine? or what’s the latest in chinese cooking?

fascinating topics for a fascinating cat.

they say knowledge is power, and i like food for thought, almost as much as i like food itself!


Flying Fuddles superhero

Flying Fuddles Superhero


if i was a superhero, i’d fly through the sky like a speeding bullet, saving some poor kitty stuck in a tree, or

a helpless kittycat being chased by a mean big dog. the only problem, i get dizzy and nauseous with heights

over six feet, so i’d have to be careful not to look down.

other than that, i’d make a good superhero. i’d swoop down and plop on bully dogs and flatten them, or i could

toss a pie in their face and blind them.

actually, i wouldn’t waste a good pie on a dog! i’d rather eat it myself. hmmmmm, a nice cherry pie with  a flaky

crust and custard ice cream…… forget being a superhero. i’d rather be me!





cathartic is one of my favorite cat words. i love stretching out on the couch after a nice big meal, relaxing,

clearing my head, getting all the worried thoughts out. it’s so therapeutic. sometimes my hectic schedule just

gets a bit too much, so some down-time is in order.

aaaaahh, i’m feeling better all ready. in fact, i feel so good that i’m getting hungry!



An unimpressed reader

An unimpressed reader


this boy is totally unfazed. getting to sit on an author’s lap and having a book read to him and

getting his book personalized with a drawing of me didn’t impress him at all. some crowds can be

tough. frans does a lot of funny stuff when he goes to schools or bookstores and reads to kids, and

he does funny drawings of me doing silly things.

but some customers can be challenging. when it comes to food, i can be a tough customer.

sometimes i get leftovers, and i can right away tell that my food isn’t as fresh as it should be. after

all, there are only three meals each day, so they all should be special! i’m thinking about lunch now,

tuna spinach salad with fresh avocado and lemon juice and peppers and  balsamic vinegar and

shredded carrots.

yum yum. and the spinach better be fresh!


Fuddles illustrator

The creative process





Fuddles illustrator


frans has it so easy. i watch him draw cartoons all day. how easy is that? i would do that too, all

i need is some ideas. if i just knew what to draw, i’d do it all day long too. hmmm, if i could just think

of something…

my problem is, when i think real hard, what i get is chimichangas or enchiladas or turkey on rye with

lettuce and fresh tomatoes and mustard and a slice of muenster cheese and a sweet pickle on the side.

and once i get food in my head, that’s all i can think about! forget drawing or doing anything else! i

might as well take a cat nap and dream about food…


Rice bucket!

Rice bucket


i misunderstood my family- i thought they were saying rice bucket! i was really hungry, so i

rushed over and instead of a yummy meal, i get soaked! i thought rice bucket was some kind

of indonesian food, like rice table. what a horrible shock! i nearly had a heart attack.

from ecstasy to agony in an instant! imagine my disappointment! I was licking my chops,

anticipating a glorious meal, when instead i get a cold shower…

tonight’s meal better be extra special if my family expects to be back in my graces…


Who moved the furniture?!

Oh captain my captain


I can’t stand it when my family vacuums the house. they move the furniture around, which

messes up my daily exercise routine. i have it all down so i know exactly where everything is.

it’s a precision work-out. but all it takes is a chair just slightly moved, and i’m stretched beyond

my limit and suddenly i’m out of action!

then i just lie around waiting for my aching legs to heal. i can barely get myself to my dinner

bowls, although a yummy pasta with sweet italian sausage and dried basil and oregano

cooked in a smooth white wine would certainly help.

just thinking about it is making me forget about exercising- i’m hungry!




Surprise hug!

Mary eats Felix


my family likes to surprise hug me. i’ll be taking a nice, peaceful nap, spread out over the couch armrest,

dreaming about a giant plate of vegetarian lasagna and a bowl of tapioca pudding, and suddenly i’m

hoisted up in someone’s arms. my legs flail and my heartbeat shoots up, and then i’m being squeezed

and rubbed and kissed and petted. i get my tummy pressed and my face smooched, and all i can think

about is where’s my lasagna?

it’s nice to be loved and all, but a little warning would be nice. oh well, if you’re as adorable as me,

i guess that’s what happens. it’s a living…