Kitty robot


when frans visited the glendale central library last week, a boy suggested this idea for frans to draw.

i’d love to have a robot at my beckoning call- it could bring me whatever i want, whenever i want

it. i could get a steak whenever I’m hungry, or a back rub any time! it could carry me to the couch

for a nap, or outside to get some fresh air. i wouldn’t have to do anything any more!

i would be even more pampered than i am now!


Funny ha-ha!

Funny ha-ha joke bookHicklebees joke book

frans contributed a picture for a new joke book to celebrate Independent

Bookstore Day on May 2nd! the book was published by the Northern California

Independent Booksellers Association. it’s full of silly jokes by many well-known

illustrators. support your local bookstore and get a copy!

i’m going to cross the kitchen to get a chicken sandwich on the other side!


A visit to the Glendale Central Library

Frans at Glendale Main Library-2 Frans at Glendale Main Library-9 Frans at Glendale Main Library-7

frans was at the library yesterday, reading his books and teaching kids to

draw fuddles. it was lots of fun. the kids came up with many story ideas.

maybe they will write their own books!

rebecca rees took these pictures. frans was rebecca’s assistant when he first

started working at the disney studio on “Mickey’s Christmas Carroll.” rebecca

taught frans many things about animation.

in the front row, (shooting video,) is rebecca’s husband jerry rees, who directed

“Back To Neverland,” which frans worked on, and “The Brave Little Toaster,”

“The Marrying Man,” “Cinemagicue,” and the brand new “Marvel Experience.”


Eggs, eggs, left-over eggs!

Eggs eggs left-over eggs

i love the days after easter, because i love egg salad, and deviled eggs and

pickled eggs and egg foo young and smoked salmon scrambled eggs and

spinach and swiss cheese omelets and eggs benedict and fried eggs with

ham and, i could go on until next easter, and then it starts all over again!


Kitty drawing lessons

Frans drawing with Figaro

here’s an old picture of frans at work at his desk, getting a little drawing help from his cat.

the things we cats do for people! you’d think being adorable and amusing and good looking is

enough! where would people be without us cats?


Morning stretches

Morning stretches

first thing in the morning i stretch my hamstrings- feeling the burn! our backyard is treacherous

territory- mole holes and gopher mounds and gnarly tree roots everywhere. i can easily twist

my ankle or pull a muscle if i’m not careful.

making my rounds through the yard builds up my appetite, so i’m ready for my bagel and lox with

thick cream cheese and onions.


Cat scratch fever!

Cat scratch fever

if i had to sing for my meals, i’d probably go hungry… i’m just glad i’m a pampered cat- i

spent half the day taking a nice long catnap, and now i’m going to munch on a yummy bowl

of fried calamari, with a big helping of caramelized banana chocolate pudding for dessert!

i’ll sing to that!