Memorial day

Memorial day

i hope everybody had a nice memorial day.

i have a terrible memory, and I already forgot what I did yesterday, but I think I had some very nice

meals and a long catnap.

i want to thank the people that served our country so I could have a nice life. I want to say some

other stuff, but now I can’t remember what…


Face time

Fuddles discard

this is a discard from the new fuddles book, coming out next year. another misadventure with that

annoying neighbor dog. how will i possibly get out of this predicament..?!

stay tuned…


Fuddles Follies!

Fuddles & FF poster

this friday and saturday, verdugo woodlands elementary school has their

annual FATHER’S FOLLIES! the dads dress up in silly women’s clothes and

dance and joke and sing! come see the show at Glendale High School’s beautiful


Friday, May 8th at 7:30 pm. Saturday, May 9th at 6 pm.

I have to find a big hat!




i had a strange dream. i was swimming in a stream, and there were chicken drumsticks floating all around me. i ate a few of them, and suddenly i was pulled out of the water by a fish!

he was just about to eat me when i woke up. what a weird dream!  now it’s dinner time, and we’re having catfish! i think i’ll pass- i’m not very hungry.

what am i thinking?! mom makes the most yummy blackened catfish! i can’t resist that!


Kitty robot


when frans visited the glendale central library last week, a boy suggested this idea for frans to draw.

i’d love to have a robot at my beckoning call- it could bring me whatever i want, whenever i want

it. i could get a steak whenever I’m hungry, or a back rub any time! it could carry me to the couch

for a nap, or outside to get some fresh air. i wouldn’t have to do anything any more!

i would be even more pampered than i am now!