Watching Frans work

Watching me work

i like to watch frans work. he sits there quietly humming a song, or chuckling at his drawings. too bad that loudmouth tagalong beside me always joins in.

then the mailman comes, and loudmouth goes nuts, barking like a mad dog, and frans and i jump. i wish that dog would jump off a pier and disappear.


Bridge of pies



Bridge of pies

i had a delicious dream about a bunch of pies drifting into my mouth. as soon as i finished one, a new pie appeared. it was wonderful!

then i woke up, and there were no pies, and dinner was a long wait yet.

very depressing.


Gardner Elementary School visit

frans visited gardner elementary school in hollywood a while ago. he

had a wonderful time entertaining the kids, and talking about me,

and drawing me and talking about writing about me.

everybody asked about me. traveling is such a hassle- my meal and

nap schedule get all messed up, so i stayed home.

thank you elena for the pictures!