90 years old!

Papa & me

frans’ father had his 90th birthday last saturday! they had a big party

for him with the whole family there.

here’s frans with his dad holding a card frans made. boy, i’d like to get

a cake like that! it could last me almost a whole day!


Food for thought


i often wonder what people are thinking about. i watch them stare into space, or walking

around looking at the ground, and I wonder what’s going on in their head?

i do my best thinking after a nice meal. When my tummy is full my mind is finely tuned,

and I’ll think about the finer things in life- filet mignon, mahi tuna, roasted lamb,

or peking duck.


Where’s dinner?


i get a little cranky when dinner is late. i get a certain look that my family knows

well- my where’s dinner?! look. i stare intently with really big eyes, and my

lower lip quivers a little. works every time. my family feels really sorry for me,

and they scramble to get my dinner ready.

as well they should!


To be or to bbq, that is the question…

Felix & bbq

now that it’s summer, my big question is whether or not we’re going to

barbecue dinner tonight. i dream all day long about barbecued ribs with

beans, or chicken with corn and mashed potatoes, or lamb shish kabob.

i torture myself pondering these big questions. i wait patiently all day by

the barbecue, hoping my family will fix me a juicy chunk of barbecued

steak… it’s not easy being a cat…