Fly Pampered Air

Pampered air- the only way to flyfrans is in north california on his book trip. i wish i could go too. flying in comfort and luxury sounds great! you get gobs of goodies and treats, and get driven around from event to event by a chauffeur who’s name is something like james, and you get invited to all sorts of high-power parties where they have yummy hors d’oeuvres. what fun! i should be there because i just love all those pampering things! that’s what i’m all about!

i guess tonight’s dinner will have to do- i think we’re having mediterranean shrimp with ricotta salata and scallions and herbs and spicy crab rolls with toasted coconut.


* author’s note- Frans didn’t fly first class, and he didn’t get gobs of goodies and treats, and he didn’t get driven around by a chauffeur named james to high-power parties. But he is having a great time visiting schools and bookstores and talking to kids and book-lovers.

One thought on “Fly Pampered Air

  1. Hi Fuddles – Your owner came to my daughters school today – Guadalupe Elementary. She loved how he drew pictures of you in different poses – Disco dancing, swimming and even you in your litter box! I know – embarrassing! Please tell him thank you very much! I know it is hard when he is away but my daughter said his visit was the best assembly she has had yet!

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